Universal geneve movement dating

The watch was a sales success and propelled Genta’s career forward (allowing us to have greats like the Royal Oak and the Nautilus.) The first Polerouter was released in 1954 to celebrate and promote Scandinavian Airlines’ Royal Viking polar flights between New York City, Los Angeles and Europe.The flights forged a new route over the North Pole, reducing flight times between the two continents.Flying over the North Pole presented a unique set of challenges for a watch, and the Polerouter was designed to be highly resistant to magnetic fields (in addition to the usual shock and water resistance) so as to maintain accuracy during the trip.

Sitting within a cutout in the mid-case is a separate beveled bezel, hanging ever-so-slightly over the width of the case and further contributing to the unique profile of the watch.

A vintage tool watch and a contemporary field watch (think Seiko SXK007 or a time-only Sinn) both deserve homes.

Fourth should be a guilty pleasure watch - a watch a little off the beaten path that you love for better or worse, despite what your friends think. While there are no hard and fast rules on what constitutes a dress watch per say (lot of guys are rocking gold chronos or sport watches as their dress pieces today), we feel that it should be of a precious metal and simple in design, probably a three-hand model, with or without a date.

18K Rose Gold case is approximately 35mm (excluding crown).

Universal Genève Calibre 215 Automatic Micro-Rotor movement. Overall Condition: Case is in excellent condition over all, with only light signs of wear, deep brushing and crisp hallmarks.

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