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' Jane replied, 'Yeah, I'm fine.' [He] said he asked Jane Doe a third time if she was okay, and she answered that she was." While the neighbor would also say that Jane answered "kind of unconvincingly" and she sounded "kind of sad," he said he "took her word for it." (Jane told investigators that she also remembers this exchange.) John returned from the rest room, and thirty minutes later Jane left his room.

John would later learn that he finished the night by talking to a female friend for a few minutes—about what he does not recall—and going to sleep.

Her interest piqued, she went into the room, and by the time John's roommate caught up with her a few seconds later, John and Jane were embracing.

The roommate promptly left John and Jane alone, and minutes later, two of Jane's friends who'd been with her earlier in the evening came in to check on her. It looked like something sexual was going down.' " Her two friends convinced Jane it was time to go home, but not before she gave John her number.

♀ ♂____________On September 7, 2013, two freshmen were gearing up for their third Saturday night at Occidental College.

The small liberal-arts school in the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles was just beginning its fall term, and after an unseasonably warm day that ran well into the 90s, the campus settled into one of those clear 70-degree nights that people plan their retirements around.

He'd started drinking earlier in the day as part of a freshman-jock initiation.

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Her roommate got her out of there, stating later that Jane was incoherent."Most schools were not thinking of these cases as being about Title IX," says Nancy Cantalupo, a professor at Georgetown Law and a vice-president at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators."They were just thinking about them as being a part of their student disciplinary process." That all began to change in 2011, when the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education, which is charged with enforcing Title IX compliance, sent out what it calls a "Dear Colleague" letter informing any college that receives federal funding—that would be almost all of them—that it must treat sexual-assault claims as potential federal civil-rights violations or risk losing their was not like he was grabbing her and pulling her onto the bed.' " Eventually, according to Jane's other friend in the room, "John and Jane laid down together on John's bed, with Jane on top of John … JANE: They're still with me o JOHN: Make them leave. Jane would say that she doesn't remember much either, except for when she told John she'd just thrown up and needed a piece of gum; and when she asked him again if he had a condom; and when she performed oral sex on him; and when John told her that his roommate had just walked in on them having sex.(His roommate would later tell investigators that, based on what he was told to look out for during the sexual-assault-prevention training he received during orientation, what he saw when he walked in the room didn't look like sexual assault.) Later, when John went down the hall to use the restroom, a neighbor from down the hall knocked on John's door to check on Jane.

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