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It is absolutely nothing like One Million, Eros and those other sweet mainstream scents. I had tested this fragrance on a strip about 4 years back when I was 27, it reminded me of Azzaro Pour Homme and didn't appeal to me much as I thought it was for older men. And I found the cinnamon a little more pronounced than the old bottle.

This one is for the matured gentleman and probably best for outdoor use, as the power level is huge. When I came across this few days back in a shopping mall, I sprayed it on my hand and forgot about it. It's my first experience with my new bottle, I'll try it again to confirm that.

This opens up smelling dated and has that old school aftershave that your grandpa may have worn but at the same time it’s not pungent or harsh.

At this stage of the fragrance I did like it but was a little unsure of whether or not it would be wearable.

Jaipur was one of those scents I pursued during my "cinnamon is the best note ever phase".

After acquiring the fragrance I was instantly pleased with it. A few wears later and it was buried in the back of the shelf. With a far better nose and no real hang up or preference for certain notes, Jaipur has become somewhat of a revelation to me! The edp performs better but the edt I think is better for the warmer weather, being a little lighter and fresher. It's powdery and creamy and I find that it last a long time on my skin. Picture a cotton white shirt and fresh out of the shower. If anyone has a bottle they want to get rid of, I'd be interested in a swap.

The heart of the fragrance progresses with the citrus and florals pushing to the background and the vanilla and cinnamon push to the forefront.

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What I was really expecting it to smell like is an old school barbershop type of fragrance that is also exotic,unique and a work of art while at the same time being able to be appealing.

Although I personally love this scent I also see not everyone liking this as much as I do. At the dry down the similarity brakes And the cinamon and ceder is then takes this to be the Masterpiece that it is. The longevity is wonderful fortunately, the sillage and the projection are a little different in my opinion.

Don't expect Jaipur to be an easy-to-wear fragrance. It was a beast scent, now it is a very strong scent.

There is nothing overly spicy or sweet with Jaipur, everything is just right! i had a similar evolution and relationship to this smell. I've also been tracking closely the differences between the edt and the edp... Surprisingly, like many others, my favorite part is the carnation! This oriental floral fragrance is rich and lasts 3 to 4 hours. However, I cannot emphasize it enough, do not.blind buy! When I wear Boucheron Jaipur Pour Homme EDP, I wish I could be someone else so I could give me a big hug and tell me how gorgeous I smell. Younger men probably won't pull this off very easy unless they exude an aura of confidence and life experience. EDIT: Apparently this was reformulated in 2015, so I have a vintage bottle that lasts forever. Usually I have to deal with garbage reformulations.

Jaipur is clearly a winter/ fall scent, but I feel that early spring is also an option. It really brings it all together, and in my opinion, its the star of the show. It's much more versatile than I thought it would be. Definitely one of my favourite designer fragrances of all time. *sighs* I'm gonna get balloon-executed for this, but here we go: All the love, good reviews and references from other scents to Jaipur made me blind-buy a test bottle of the EDP version. (I'm looking at you La Nuit De L'Homme) At least the current reformulation of the EDT still lasts over 6 hours.

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