Two way chatroom masturbation

Slightly tipsy, i quickly stripped and knelt before Him, giving Him my best blow-job. This became my regular Wednesday recreational activity; four rampant boys to fuck me, dinner and a long cock sucking session to follow. And there i was, sitting naked at the table as W/we ate dinner.After a few weeks, while showering while They were downstairs preparing dinner, i had an idea; i decided not to get dressed, after all, i would only end up stripping again before too long. The last week of term, Their last week at university, They planned something special for me.He started to control me via the chat-room and e-mail and then He instructed me to visit Him, at His expense.So i flew into Schipol and was met by His chauffeur.i felt so sexy, especially when, after we had eaten, They told me to masturbate for Them before another fellatio session.All the time with Their cum drying on my face and hair while They took souvenir photographs of me.Certainly, my masturbatery fantasies centred on me being a sex slave in various scenarios or perhaps a pain-whore in a BDSM brothel.

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There was no escape clause for me; i had signed myself into a life of servitude.

So, i started to use Internet chat-rooms that catered for people with such tastes.

There, out of the blue, i again came into contact with my Lord.

During my stay i was again subject to bondage and corporal punishment; i didn At the end of my stay, much to my disappointment, i was again returned home.

However, a month later, having sorted out my affairs and told everyone that i was going travelling, i arrived back at the home of my Lord.

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