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If there’s a change that you’re not sure about or want to come back to later, click the checkbox to deselect it.

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It affects scrapes when you are adding new episodes to an existing tv show in your library. If this is the case, you need to remove the tv show from your library. As @Karellen pointed out API's at TVDB and TMDB required changes, your install might have fallen through the cracks, ensure your library versions are up-to-date, failing that refer to this thread https://tv/showthread.php? Maybe you could set up a Portable Install of the latest version, move the above show to a new Source, and add that new Source to the Portable Install of Kodi.

When you update the library, the new version simply overwrites the previously installed version. With the exception of user-defined satellites, updating the satellite library overwrites any changes you have made to the satellite’s tracking parameters.

All parameters for preset satellites revert to their factory default settings.

This will make changes to all instances of a Symbol across all Pages of your document.

If you see a change in the dialog that you definitely do not want to make, then double-click an instance of it on the Canvas, and click “Unlink from Library”.

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