Cherry goes dating watch

Children love doing boring things like feeding ducks and now I love it too because I love Coco so much.When we get back I’ll probably cook some kind of roast, which vexes me because I don’t really like them.It was as if they wanted to prove to themselves that they’ve still got what it takes to have fun. Within about five weeks of Coco being born, I went out and got more drunk than I’ve ever been in my life.I needed to know I could still go out and party and hadn’t turned into some kind of boring stay-at-home.It was only when I met Roly, who is a real home bird, that I realised you can enjoy being at home. On Sunday morning, Roly, Coco and I will go to Ravenscourt Park to feed the ducks.I think I’ve fed them on almost every day off for the past two years.People warned me that we’d never sleep again, and once the baby had started talking, it would never shut up. I think people don’t want to be too positive about being a parent because they’re afraid of sounding smug, which is understandable.But it’s been really good fun so far, particularly now Coco is at an age where she’s fun to hang out with.

She wakes up at 7am, and if I stayed in bed while Roly took her to the park, I’d feel really guilty. On Saturday morning I make myself a rich cup of coffee and cook us breakfast.

I’ve tried to resist them but we’re now properly addicted.

We’re into Boardwalk Empire at the moment and I’m already feeling bereft about it finishing.

Recently, on a programme about virginity, I read from the diary I kept as a 15 year-old, which exposed me as a crazy, desperate, hormonal teenager. I’d had so much gas and air that I didn’t know where I was and wanted to be alone with Roly.

But I did allow them back in again and I never regretted the experience afterwards.

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