Dating within your church

Throughout the Bible, God uses people regardless—or in spite of—their marital status to accomplish his purposes. True, theirs was a divinely appointed marriage to portray the relationship of God to us immoral creatures.

But don't you wonder if Hosea might have preferred singlehood if he had a choice?

Who wants to hear that marriage could be considered the consolation prize for people needing to satisfy sexual urges?

Through the prophets, the Gospels, and all of the Bible's parables and historical accounts, we don't see many characters singled out because of their solo marital status.

Encourage your church leadership in addressing your congregation's demographics and their relevance to your community of faith.

Try This Perspective Regardless of your marital status, have you ever appreciated the fact that you're alive today so God can use you for his sovereign purposes?

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So well-intentioned singles programs often get derailed quickly.

Or does it simply mean that neither married folk nor singles are second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God?

Singles by Category Many churches don't really know how to handle singles. Consider the variants in our demographic: Wow—compare all of this to many pastors and elders who by biblical precedent are usually men who've been married to the same women forever, and you can see right away how there's a cultural disconnect, if nothing else.

Perhaps you've already scoured 1 Corinthians 7, his treatise advocating celibacy, perplexed by its counterculturalism.

Indeed, many pastors relegate this passage to the long list of scriptures that never serve as sermon texts.

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