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The newer, bluer essence will work in all the places IP and BE worked before, including loot and the champion store.And everything in the store will cost the same as it did in the old, IP-based system—for example, it'll be 6300 BE for a newer champ like Kayn.For four weeks, between October 27th and November 24th, individuals had the opportunity to register for all three programs at one time.In 2015, a random lottery was conducted by a third-party vendor to select and place names on all three waitlists.

Based on the result of that lottery, names were randomly selected to be placed on the following waitlists: The Waitlist for family public housing, HCV, and PRA is currently closed.Runes Reforged concentrates your pre-game power into a focused set of options, so every choice matters more. Click the images below to see the most powerful runes—called keystones—in each path.Instead of getting IP after every game, you'll receive an unlocked chest each time you level up.With runes soon becoming free, we want to show our appreciation for those of you who've spent the most on runes over the years.So, for every rune or rune page you bought before the 2017 season began, we'll give you a little blue gift.

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