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” and “George Bush, you can take our funds but you cannot take our fight,” as they hold high a straw effigy of Bush.

When a police raid returned her to Kolkata 18 months later, she attempted to resume “legitimate” work in a low-paying garment factory.KOLKATA, India—The smells of jasmine perfume, fried food, bidi smoke, and liquored breath mingle in the thick humid air.Watery pink and white neon lights from the Hotel Welcome, Dream House and Love Lotus shine in the eyes of women lined up in turquoise saris or red miniskirts and the customers jostling to admire them.ONE WOMAN’S STORY At 14, Pandey was married off to a man 20 years her senior who had designs on inheriting her ailing father’s government job and a cut of his pension.When another sister’s husband got the position instead, the abuse began.

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