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Since I honestly (sometimes) feel like I’ve been here forever, hearing the stories of other people helps give me a Buddhist-like “beginner’s mind” perspective on things.One of the advantages in writing about Romanian culture is that it is so heterogeneous, meaning that most of what you will read below is applicable just about anywhere in the country.A much better idea is simply to turn to face the woman in question and give her a very short bow.If it’s a man on the other hand (whose hand you’re shaking), a mild grip is quite fine.Though Romania is a comparatively poor country, the people seem happier than in most countries.They are open, friendly, warm, and usually emotionally expressive.

: P If you’re a “romantic” couple in any way, holding hands anywhere is absolutely fine.

For many years the country suffered from communism and due to the fact that most men still have very traditional values and are sometimes quite old-fashioned, they tend to see a woman as the keeper of the home and man as head of the family.

But if this is considered a positive or not depends upon one’s point of view.

Secondly, if you’re not sure whether to shake hands, just wait for the Romanian in question to initiate it.

If you’re a woman – quite frankly you don’t need to shake anyone’s hands at all. If you do get in a situation to shake someone’s hand, simply hold yours out loose and unmoving.

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