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But if you look at a lot of the polarizing athletes in today’s day and age, a lot of them are polarizing because of things they did. For instance: “People are really, really cordial out here, so it’s been a good experience,” he says. I miss home.” Or: “There’s no traffic, which is a big deal coming from L. But we travel enough, and I get to see my friends a lot. This playoff run may be the only one Charlotte ever gets to go on with Lin. I’ve told my agents, ‘Look, don’t talk to me about free agency.’ ...

Michael Vick with the dogs, or Tom Brady with the cheating scandals, or other NBA players with criminal records, what makes them polarizing. But: “It is a smaller city, so sometimes I do miss the bigger-city feel. A.” But: “Sometimes I miss being able to get Asian food, or get Asian dessert, or stuff like that. And when we say “who knows,” really – no one knows. “It kind of goes in line with my whole theme of just being able to let go and trust God,” Lin says. I don’t want to talk about anything related to Sixth Man, I don’t want to talk about any of that stuff.

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“I used to see it more as a burden – like, sometimes I wished people would think of me as just a basketball player,” Lin says. It is racism as a whole, and I feel like me being where I’m at – being the only Asian – gives me a different experience where I’m able to relate to minorities or people who are in certain situations.

“But as I get older, I see it more and more as an opportunity, and I see how broken the whole view on Asians and Asian-Americans really is in America. So definitely I want to embrace it; I feel like I have a unique platform and a chance to be able to say stuff, whether it’s the Oscars or whatever it might be.” In China, where the NBA is a far bigger deal than the average American can possibly imagine, Lin is revered with a passion that even Michael Jordan may not have been able to relate to in his prime. Having decided months ago to grow out his locks for this summer’s Asia tour, he’s produced a wide array of whacked-out styles – under the supervision of teammate Spencer Hawes – that have included a bowl cut, a double ponytail, a combover and a mohawk that looked like he had a nasty run-in with a can of hair gel and an electrical outlet.

“During the season, I don’t read any articles,” Lin says as he forks pieces of quiche into his mouth while sitting in the players’ lounge, deep in the bowels of Time Warner Cable Arena, several hours before he’ll score 10 points against the Orlando Magic in the regular-season finale.

Is mildly obsessed with a video game called Dota 2.

For all of these reasons and more, the 27-year-old Harvard graduate remains a persistent curiosity as he wraps up his first season in Charlotte.

And while much has been written about his time here and his role here, and whether he’s underrated or overrated, the 6-foot-3-inch point guard claims he hasn’t read a word of it.

And despite the fact that his commitment to evangelical Christianity clashes with China’s chilly attitude toward religious expression, he is almost unanimously loved by its natives. “I think he’s maybe brought it up one time all year,” Hawes says.

He is, ironically, almost God-like himself over there. S., Lin has roughly as many detractors as he has defenders. But that’s what I try to put my effort towards: playing and living in a way where if God looked at me, he’d say, ‘Wow, I’m proud of you.’ So that’s the ultimate approval I could get is God’s, versus a reporter’s or a coach’s.” In some ways, it’s clear that Lin is extremely happy in Charlotte. “And not just to bring it up – it was in Bible study. It was obviously big for him, his life, his career, but I think he does a pretty good job with keeping things in perspective and looking forward and not backwards.” At the same time, the fact of the matter is, there’s not much keeping him in Charlotte.

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