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“I don’t understand why Joe would even say that,” Watney said. “Because it really has gotten ugly over the last couple of days here.” One reason Felger called out the Boston media was how long it took for all the clubhouse shenanigans to come to light – specifically, pitchers drinking beer, eating fried chicken and playing video games in the clubhouse during games. How are we supposed to know who is eating fried chicken, supposedly, reportedly, and drinking beer during the game?We’re not there,” Watney said, adding that no one from the Red Sox has officially confirmed that any of that happened.Read: Ortiz Sick Of Red Sox “Drama” “It’s forcing a lot of people in the organization look at this and say ‘What is going on?Why is this town, why are the media, the fans everyone, attacking their own?She was born to a reporter mother named Alison Brooks, and her father Dean Mitchell Watney was in the US Army.

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But I personally don’t believe attacking anyone’s character, whether its Terry Francona, Theo Epstein, Josh Beckett or John Lackey…

Although he remarried, Heidi was close to her father as they lived nearby.

She was their only child and was home tutored until she was 11.

When someone asked her for an update on her contract status this week, Watney responded that she was on vacation and told people via hashtag not to jump to conclusions.

host Michael Felger didn’t hold anything back on Wednesday, calling out owners, players and reporters.

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