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He didn't even bother to cancel our date leaving me feeling disrespected We made plans to go out on Friday evening.

I think the new girll I'm seeing is getting scared about our relationship.

I expect she likes you some, though or she wouldn't be with you. She is setting a pace that she is comfortable with, so by all means match that pace.

I think what is going on is called "keeping her options open". If she says that its 'going too fast' then don't call her, or arrange to be busy the next few times she wants to do something.

I got out of a bad relationship in the beginning of this year and was hurt pretty badly.

I think what she is scared of is the inertia that will suck her into being in a committed, monogamous relationship with someone that she doesn't really want that sort of relationship with right now.But it wasn't until two day's ago that I noticed she kinda started to change and pull away a little bit.For example she wasn't as affectionate and didn't call nearly as much as she has in the past.I feel that she is the more aggressive one with persuing the relationship.Usually she calls me all the time and sends me messages all the time.

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