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Back in the United States, the country was being divided by the war, with racial injustice and prejudice, the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, and the riots of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. It was a difficult time on both sides of the Pacific.

Against that backdrop, American soldiers of all races fought together.

My hope was an assignment in Vietnam but we started pulling out forces so I was sent to Germany where we received some of the wounded. I still work as a Department of the Army Civilian as a nurse in Germany and have now been involved in assisting the soldiers in three wars and several conflictsas an Army Nurse during the Vietnam era, an elementary school counselor for the 1st Gulf war and as a community health nurse for the 2nd Gulf war. I met my husband in Spain during a four day pass I got after being promoted to Captain.

After 28 years of marriage it was one of the best things that I got out of the army.

I enlisted in the Air Force at the age of 17 years, 11 months.

I established many life-long relationships with other airmen as well as some short-term relationships with the Vietnamese children.

There were two from our 1969 graduation class who joined the Marines.

Like all new recruits in boot camp, you ask yourself, Why did I do this?

Although my aircraft was hit several times, I was never shot down during my two tours in Vietnam.

Four of my friends and I spent most every weekend at the beach, weather and other circumstances permitting, taking food and beverages for these children, some of which were orphans.

When one or two of the children would not show up at the beach, the other children would tell us that they had died.

Watch for a Mohawk in the memorial dedication flyover in 2006.

That will be the second time a Mohawk has been in Pierre.

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