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Our European manufacture guarantees a quality product, tested electrically and hydraulically according to a strict protocol meeting the standard of production and management ISO 9001.

Our philosophy is the manufacture of durable products without proprietary electronics, designed to work decades without costly repair.

Coupled with the cost of producing hot water, they represent on average 2/3 of the energy costs of the home.

Improving an obsolete electric heating system saves money and improves home comfort.

All these arguments justify the choice to buy a boiler at the best price because it is sufficient if well dimensioned.

"Mini Europe" does not require any annual inspection, unlike boilers fueled by gaseous, liquid, solid fuels or all heat pumps containing more than 2 kg of refrigerant.

The THERMO GROUP electric boiler is adaptable to many other hot water production solutions or in addition to a boiler already connected to the heating network.

Oil, gas and fossil fuels are to be avoided, they will become increasingly scarce and expensive and pollute the planet creating a catastrophic imbalance that has already begun.

It is necessary to install them as described in the example of an operational diagram of a heating network.

The "Mini Europe " electric boiler incorporates a high-performance WILO Yonos Para energy class A circulator that facilitates the distribution of the water pressure on the heating system while ensuring a low consumption.

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