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Many of the males are also tied into the rural life, out in the provinces. I’ll repeat, there is nothing wrong in a woman wanting a mate/husband who is financially secure.

That’s a somewhat basic, difficult lifestyle that most Filipinas would rather move away from if they can, given the chance. Why are foreigners the more desired option to a Filipina? She is already thinking about babies, having a family that will have needs for food, clothing, housing in the future.

But far more of those young Filipinos are struggling to make ends meet.

In regard to fidelity, Filipinas prefer an older expat over a younger one as a husband.

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The managers of these businesses know these lovelies are what brings in the male customers.

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Older men are more financially stable and less likely to cheat.” So now you can begin to see why an older, expat bachelor arriving the Philippines is such a hot commodity.

Sure, the younger Filipino men are very handsome and many aspiring to careers or in college.

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