Typology and cross dating

Internet-behavior; Social communication, Social cluster; Comparative analysis; People on the Internet Dotcom revolution changed the nature of social behaviour in many ways opening tremendous opportunities to people that were previously not available for them.

Improved data speed gave the opportunity for people to read, share and react to the situation in the surrounding society with a much higher rate [1,2].

Internet-behavior national specificity will largely determine the direction and effectiveness of the impact of modern ICT in social, economic and political processes.

However, the typology of national Internet-behaviors comparison remains outside the scope of their research interests.

Meanwhile, the behavioral aspect reveals the features of modern ICT effect on social processes in various countries.

Herein, in accordance with World Wide Web Foundation data [13], Britain ranked fourth place in the world in terms of development and Internet impact on society, the first place in terms of content quality.

It should be noted that the unilateral conclusions on assessing the Internet role in social behavior are caused by a simplified approach to some analysts, who view the Internet as a kind of uniform structure [13].

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