Dating the enemy 1996 watch online

Gyllenhaal uses his big puppy eyes to full effect here, almost laying bare the souls of the two very different and yet identical men.The movie opens with a scene at a secret, hidden sex club; a woman masturbates onstage as a group of suit and tie wearing men watch impassively.First thing that came to mind about this movie is, how much it reminds me of Kubrick's: Eyes Wide Shut.It's surrealism, it's ambiance, atmosphere and the theme nonetheless.

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The Enemy breaks with the media’s usual war imagery.When she’s done another woman gets onto the stage and, wearing nothing but high heels, presents an enormous spider on a silver platter. One of the Two Jakes sits in the audience, watching.That spider image recurs in dreams and finally in a mind-breaking final shot. It’s the key to gets past that by telling me things emotionally and with atmosphere.I don’t know that I can quite articulate the film’s thesis - it certainly has something to do with how men treat women, and it has a very cynical view of the idea of becoming ‘a better man,’ but beyond that I’m not entirely certain.That obfuscation is a bit frustrating if only because doesn’t feel rewatchable.

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