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Thus, although he still begrudges Cronenberg the artistic due the filmmaker so richly deserves, Tookey — in crab-like fashion, two steps forward, 10 steps sideways — ever-so-slightly admits, fighting with all his might against his better nature, that there’s more to Cronenberg than mere ‘shock horror’.As for finding ‘blood and brutality’ erotically stimulating, I would like to direct Tookey’s attention to the charming Dead Girls Fashion Parade and to Steven Meisel’s state-brutalised models.

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Cattrall who will play ”Amanda Pyne” follows in a long line of the theater world’s most distinctive leading ladies going back to the 1930s when Gertrude Lawrence first performed the role followed by Tallulah Bankhead, Tammy Grimes, Maggie Smith, Joan Collins and Elizabeth Taylor famously playing opposite husband Richard Burton.

In Crash (David Cronenberg’s movie about car crash fetishes, not the racism lecture penned by the rich white guy), we have the unfortunate airing of Spader’s penis and a huge gash in the back of Arquette’s leg. According to Melb Psy (who brought this bizarre ripple in the space-time continuum to my attention): ‘Thirty years on and even a magazine which shamelessly promotes the sexiness of dangerously fast cars alongside the geometric fetishisation of specific bodily contours hasn’t the stomach to look Crash in the face.

How little we have travelled.’ The other weird detail is that in their excerpt from the film, Maxim has blacked out Rosanna’s breasts and vagina. What a messy, confused, distorted signal they send.

Joyriding, ram-raiding and reckless driving by youths are already social problems.

Cronenberg’s reputation among the young as a cult, “shock horror” director might tempt many more to seek out his film than would normally watch a boring art-house film.

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