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Lots of Westerners have the temptation to be “clever” when they talk to girls, but this does not always translate well.Will this mean that you’ll have to tone down your “game” a little bit?People like to talk about how “hard” Asian languages are, but the truth is that they’re not hard, they’re just very different from Western languages.

Of course, if the girl you are talking to does not speak a lick of English, you’re much better off using your basic Chinese than taking a chance on her ability to decipher what you said, or worse, use translation software.Certainly, but your game will have to be different when dealing with Chinese girls anyway.Try to be more obvious and honest about the things that you say; this is something that most Chinese girls will appreciate.Once a single bad misunderstanding has occurred, you’ve probably lost your chance with the girl, even if she later comes to realize that you meant to say something else; the awkward feelings will more than likely linger between you.This is also a good time to mention that if you aren’t fluent, get fluent!

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