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“They drive a system or institution into crisis, deny the resources it needs, and then say, ‘Surprise we need to privatize!

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Atlanta Progressive News reviewed a 52-page proposal put forth in November 2014 by the Amalgamated Transit Union, which represents MARTA employees.

The proposal offered detailed recommendations for fixing MARTA Mobility’s problems without outsourcing the service to a private company.

One passenger told APN that calling MARTA to check on the van’s status “only makes it worse.” But David Ates, a lawyer representing MARTA’s disabled clients and one of its judge-appointed monitors, says outsourcing to MV is unlikely to fix that.

“We don’t think there’s enough incentive provided to MV to reach certain on-time performance levels,” Ates told APN, referring to the problem of paratransit drivers failing to pick up clients on time.

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If you don’t get hit with a penalty until you go below 85 percent, why would MV spend more money to get from 85 to 95 percent? Last year, in 2014, MARTA considered, but rejected, a similar privatization proposal.

The study also concluded there is a significant gap between wages and benefits offered by public versus private operators, indicating that private companies are less likely to provide quality paratransit services.

MARTA’s paratransit workers will not only face lower wages, they stand to lose pensions, healthcare, and for some, their jobs.

The spokesperson responded with the following statement, which, as is often the case with MARTA, did not actually respond to the question posed: “In a unanimous vote, the MARTA Board of Directors has reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to continued improvement in the delivery of paratransit services.

The decision to sign a contract with a third-party vendor is intended to improve the quality, efficiency, and overall experience for mobility customers,” MARTA stated.

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