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Contrary to cultural belief, the purpose of sex is for the companionship, intimacy, and oneness that marriage provides.Guarding the sacredness of sex is for our highest good.Any sexual activity before marriage pales in comparison to the joy that comes from the unity of sex in marriage. Sexual purity is a collection of tiny decisions made every day, such as what to wear, what to read, how to love and respect our neighbor, that are born out of a daily walk with Christ.Purity goes right along with other spiritual disciplines, such as prayer and Bible study.If he owns the decision and has planned it out ahead of time, he is more likely to do the right thing.Of course parents can differ on the boundaries they set for their teens. And remember that all the while the Holy Spirit is working in your teen's life to lead them to repentance, faith, and purity. The Gospel and Your Teen The Culture of Secrets Examines the legacy of the controversial True Love Waits movement.GET DETAILS Gretchen Williams is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, Texas.

The ages from 15 to 18 are an exciting time of life.Not only are they practicing discipline, responsibility, and community service, but they are removing themselves from the troubles that too much isolation or exclusive dating can create.Despite popular belief, teenagers actually do want to hear what adults have to say.But they certainly don't like to be told what to do.Coming up with possible situations they may face ahead of time can help them make the right choice in the moment.

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